Are CPU Coolers Intake or Exhaust Air?

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2023)

It’s not a secret that fans are the best method of keeping computer components cool. The processor isn’t equipped with fans that are attached to it however, graphics cards do. Some provide a single fan, and a handful comes with triple or dual fans. Although you may not have any heat-related issues, intense system tasks could cause your CPU to get a bit hot. In this scenario, it’s helpful to determine whether CPU coolers will assist in tackling thermal issues or not.

Support that you’ve purchased recently an AIO cooler as your current CPU cooler wasn’t keeping the computer cool enough and you’re trying to make sure you have the most efficient performance of it. However, you’re asking, are CPU Coolers intake or exhaust air? Others have asked this question beyond you. There are a variety of opinions on the subject and it is worth your time to go through the entire arguments outlined within this post. Let’s dig into it and discover the answer to your question.

What are exhaust and intake fans?

The hot air emitted by a heatsink from the matching components is likely to stay around and warm the inside of your PC. This means that the fans are using the “old air” to cool the system, which isn’t optimal. In addition, the use of fans to eliminate the ambient heat or bring in fresh cooler air to use is essential. The primary function of intake, as well as exhaust fans, are as follows. Their differences are very simple fresh air is introduced into the computer through the intake fan and exhaust fans eliminate the stale air.

Together, they’ll aid in keeping your environment from becoming excessively hot. Fans for exhaust or intake are connected to the computer’s case rather than separate components. In this case, there may be grills that have four screw-sized holes in each corner. It is possible to install exhaust and intake fans in these areas. They generate electricity when they are connected to three and four-pin sockets on motherboards. Be sure to be aware of where these sockets are, and also how many are on your motherboard if you are looking to purchase fans for your computer.

Argument for Airflow

Although putting them on your computer could help lower your temperature, it is possible to also use our heads and put them in strategic locations to maximize the efficiency of our cooling. It is possible to accomplish this with just one intake one exhaust one

  1. The intake fans permit fresh air to enter.
  2. The system gets cold air because of the fresh air that is mixed with it. The heatsinks use cooling air to absorb the heat of components which transforms the air into heat.
  3. By using exhaust fans, computers push the heated air out.

There’s a simple intake extract, exhaust, and in-line system that constantly feeds cool air into the computer, and eliminates heated air. Making the most out of the system’s fans is achievable by using this system, which is known as the ” airflow” of computers. The most straightforward way to visualize airflow is to think of it as a flow of air that flows from the intake fan toward the exhaust. The goal is to expose as much of the PC is exposed the airflow. Fans for intake should be installed on one side of the computer mainly.

Are CPU Coolers used for intake or Exhaust?

As opposed to AIO coolers, CPU fans are built primarily for exhaust, as they are designed to circulate hot air out of the computer. But, some CPU fans have two fans–one for intake, and one for exhaust, in a twin-fan configuration. It’s best to keep in mind that you’re completely at your disposal to choose how you would like to arrange the fans. Based on your requirements it is possible to place the fans in such a way you can have the CPU fan intake or exhaust. However, it can be a little complicated for twin systems.

If you are using just one fan, it will usually be set on the edge of the heatsink which is facing to the side of the tower that faces the front (the RAM side) and blows air through the heatsink before transferring into the back of the case. The fan mentioned above works the same way in a two-fan configuration (push-pull). The fan on the opposite side of the heatsink is placed to support the other fan. It is pointed toward the direction of the heatsink to pull air into it. In most instances, it’s an alternate strategy that works optimally when one of the fans draws air, while the other blows it out.

Duality of Intake and Exhaust

As we’ve seen before the CPU coolers are full, but the latest models of processors release plenty of heat. Particularly, the Ryzen processors are renowned for their issues with heat. In such instances, it is recommended to go with dual systems as the best option. Dual systems work with two fans that are located on the sides of your processor. One serves as an intake, and the other functions as an exhaust, meaning that the air is drawn through the intake, then blown away making the perfect airway for cooling your CPU.

Conclusion | Are CPU Coolers Intake or Exhaust Air?

Coolers for CPUs can be most extensive, however, you can choose to combine a couple of them that have both functions such as intake and exhaust. The dual-fan coolers are. However, which one you should choose will depend on your needs and your specific circumstances. If you are running a top-of-the-line system and are looking for the best performance that is why having intake as well as exhaust will be the ideal choice. They’ll keep your temperature constant, and you won’t have any issues with bottlenecks or lagging. There is a second factor to consider and that is your PC case.

The case of your PC is a crucial factor in determining the position and positions that your fan will be placed. Certain cases are designed to improve your cooling performance and also boost the performance of your fan. If you own a standard case, an exhaust fan is the best choice to be suited to you. However, If you’re seeking a higher temperature, then buying an entirely new case that has dual cooling is the best choice for you. It’s time to close our article. We hope that the data we provided has helped you to make your choice.