How Many Innings Are in Baseball?

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2023)

How Many Innings Are in Baseball? Professional baseball games are played over nine innings of a normal game. Each team is given 27 outs to utilize, which is three outs in an inning. 

If a match after the ninth inning ends in an even game, it is put into extra innings to determine who wins. When the team that is home wins the game, after the opposing team has recorded their 27th out and the game ends, it is ended even if they do not record 27 outs.

So, what do what the bottom and top of innings refer to in baseball? Do games have to be completed after nine innings? Or do the postseason or World Series have longer games over nine innings? This is the complete analysis of baseball’s innings.

What Does the Top of an Inning Mean During Baseball Games?

The top of each inning indicates that the opposing team is playing. In the middle of every game, the home team will be playing defense and pitching against the opposing team.

What Does the Middle of an Inning Mean?

The middle of the innings is when pitching changes occur between the two teams. For instance, after the home team has recorded three outs at the top of the 1st inning, they leave the field to bat, while the team from the other side takes over the field to defend and pitch. 

Usually, in the middle of an inning, you’ll see players warming up and tossing their baseball around for a couple of minutes before the game begins.

In Minor League Baseball Games, you will get more promotional materials during the middle of the inning to ensure that it is more welcoming to fans. A few examples of middle-of-the-inning promotions include throwing t-shirts at the crowd and holding contests at the stadium to entertain fans.

What Does the Bottom of an Inning During Baseball Games Mean?

The end of the innings indicates it is a home field in field. The home team is also able to bat last in extra innings, which is why they enjoy an advantage on the home field when compared to the team from away. 

This is why gaining an advantage on the home field during playoffs is important because it gives your team the chance to respond in the event of a change to lead, or be victorious with an off-base walk.

Can Games End Before 9 Innings of Baseball in the Regular Season?

A game of baseball is played when one team scores 15 outs in a game against another team and wins. The official game rules are crucial to know if an event is delayed or if it’s an out of the rain or rainout.

For instance, the visiting team is ahead 6-2 following the fifth inning. Then, rain is beginning to pour down in the middle of the 6th. 

If the rain does not clear for the remainder of the day, the umpires may declare the contest to be an official game, even without being able to pitch nine innings and the home team will win.

Can Games End Before 9 Innings of Baseball in the Postseason or World Series?

In contrast to the regular season in which a game may end after 15 innings and the team that wins the postseason or World Series will always resume games the next day. 

The most well-known instance of this happening was in the year 2008’s World Series with the Tampa Bay Rays. Philadelphia Phillies. Philadelphia Phillies. Game 5 was put on an extended rain delay and then resumed exactly where the action took off two days after.

Are there any Time limits in Professional Baseball Games?

There’s no time limit for professional baseball matches however, the minor leagues are playing with pitch clocks to increase the speed of action. 

Minor League Baseball tends to try out rule changes before making them available to MLB which is why you may be seeing a time limit for pitching shortly.

How Does Extra Innings Work in Major League Baseball?

Additional innings within Major League Baseball occur when the game is tied after nine innings of play. Beginning in 2020, the new season, the team automatically puts a baserunner at second base who scored the final out in the prior innings. 

The reason for putting runners on second base is to accelerate the conclusion of the game.

Before the rule change, extra-inning baseball used to operate the same way as the previous nine innings, in which teams were allowed to use three outs per utilize in each inning. After an extra inning, the team scored more runners and would win the game. 

Before the rule of extra-innings in 2021 there was no automatic runner placed at second base to make the game more efficient during the MLB.

What was the Longest Major League Baseball Game via Innings?

According to According to, the game between the Brooklyn Robins vs. the Boston Braves was the longest professional game, lasting 26 innings. 

Amazingly, the game took just under four hours to play while today’s baseball games typically take around three hours to finish nine innings.

How Do Extra Innings Work in Minor League Baseball?

Minor League Baseball has been having a runner on 2nd base in extra innings starting in the year 2018. 

Before 2018 the automatic baserunner who plays second base during extra innings was introduced in the World Baseball Classic and later in the Rookie leagues, before being extended available to the various levels in MiLB.

How Do Doubleheader MLB Games Work?

Doubleheaders MLB matches in 2021 and 2020 featured two games of seven innings. The purpose behind the shorter duration of games was to allow players more time to rest after they could play each game. 

Another reason was the outbreak of flu, which caused teams to cancel games due to illness and there was a lot of doubleheaders throughout both seasons.

Before 2020, doubleheaders would play two baseball games that lasted nine innings in one day.

How Many Innings Do the MLB Postseason and World Series Have?

The MLB Postseason and World Series each feature nine innings of action. The format is similar to during the normal season with the team playing away bats first in each inning. 

The only difference is that games will not be called in and out of the park, as they would in the regular season. The game that is canceled will be played on the following day, during the world series and postseason.

How Many Innings Does Minor League Baseball Have?

Minor League Baseball games have nine innings, similar to MLB games. The beginning of the game has the bat of the away team, and the bottom innings is the home team’s bat. 

The game can continue into additional innings if there is no end with a winner following the ninth innings.

How Many Innings is in the World Baseball Classic?

The World Baseball Classic has nine innings of baseball.

How Many Innings Does College Baseball Have?

A standard NCAA College Baseball Game is nine innings. One of the longest NCAA college basketball games took place at Texas as well as Boston College, taking over seven hours.

How Many Innings Does High School Baseball Have?

The High School Baseball games are seven innings. The top part of an inning is comprised of the team from away and the bottom half includes the home team’s hit. If there’s nobody to win after the seven-inning period, the contest will go to extra innings.

How Many Innings is in Little League?

The total number of innings the Little League game plays is six innings. The game can last from 1 hour and one half at this stage.

Conclusion: How Many Innings are in Baseball Games?

In the end, an official baseball game includes nine innings of action. In MLB there are a few exceptions to games that can be concluded in less than nine innings when there is an out of the rain, and the game meets the minimum requirements for being an official match. 

In games in the MLB World Series and Postseason games, the duration is also played over nine innings.

High School baseball games last only seven innings. Little League games are six. Softball games are just seven innings.