What Does PO Mean in Baseball?

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2023)

There are so many baseball abbreviations that are used on tv or in news stories, as well as in fantasy sports that it is difficult to keep track of the multitude of acronyms. The word PO is tossed frequently in baseball. What is confusing for the average fan is that there is an array of meanings. What does PO mean in baseball?

What is PO translating to in a roster of baseball players?

What Does PO Mean in Baseball? A roster for baseball with the word PO generally means “Pitcher Only” meaning that the only position for a pitcher in the organization is Pitcher.

From the little league level of baseball until the college level, it’s typical for pitchers to play different roles. Therefore, your top pitcher could be also your cleanup hitter as well as one of the top players on your team.

As you advance in the competition, your roles become more specific and coaches begin to label pitchers to be “Pitchers Only.” Pitchers usually only work with designated pitching coaches at the major league and college baseball levels.

During practice, the pitching coaches follow an entirely different schedule of practice as the hitting coach when the pitchers are undergoing specific drills and practices that are focused exclusively on pitching.

It’s extremely uncommon for a pitcher to throw and hit above the high school level, and only extremely talented athletes can accomplish this because of the length of time needed to develop consistency in or both of those abilities.

What’s the purpose of putout?

  • A put-out is a game that is recorded during an MLB game. The most efficient way to recall what a putout is will be to categorize them into different categories.
  • Catching a Fly Ball
  • A base is touched for recording an out
  • Tagging a runner using the ball
  • First basemen who can catch throws from infield ground balls usually have the highest number of put-outs during an entire game.
  • A put-out isn’t always an indication of skill because the only thing players who get credit for their put-outs are getting the ball in and taking the put-out from the defensive player to the team that is batting.

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What is help for baseball?

In baseball, an assist is the last player contributing to the out. It might be an infielder who throws an object to a first baseman using the batted ball, or bunt, or any other last person to reach the ball before it travels to the player who is the one who records the putout.

Pitchers aren’t credited with assistance in strikeouts.

What’s the distinction between the putout and assist when playing baseball?

Putouts occur where the player can record the actual out, and assists are given to the player who last plays the ball before it travels to the fielder who takes the last out. The most effective way to think about the “assist” in baseball is the same as an assist statistic in basketball.

What does the word “force out in baseball mean?

A force play-out occurs when a runner has to be removed by the fielder due to being on the base immediately. For instance, if it is a runner at first and the batter strikes any ground ball which goes to the infield, there is a force play out at the second base. The opposing team needs to register an out at the second to declare an out.

In the event of a gap between the runners on the same base, there’s no force and the player the furthest from home will remain at the base they’re on and not move on to the base next.

For instance, if have a runner at second base but no one at first and a groundball is delivered to the shortstop, the second runner can remain at second base without being required to move to third base since no one at first base is ‘forcing’ their advance to the base next.

Who is the one who gets the putout in a strikeout?

The catcher gets the opportunity to throw out every strikeout made by the pitcher, excluding when a third strike is dropped where the catcher must throw the ball to the first base to take the runner out, and the first baseman is given the putout.

Is there a non-assisted version of HTML0?

Unassisted putouts are the case when a player fields a ball and writes it out by walking on an errant base or by tagging the runner to make an out. Putouts that aren’t assisted aren’t as popular as traditional ones, but they are often used by middle infielders who are using balls that are thrown into the middle of the field as they try double plays.

How do you define an unsustainable play?

An unassisted double play occurs when a player physically records the process of taking both outs themselves. They are typically seen during games when hard-hit line drives are directly at the center infielder or first baseman.

Here’s a great video that demonstrates some of the most popular double plays that are not assisted:

Are there any of the most sought-after baseball putouts?

This putout, 9-3 is among the rare in baseball and we discovered a great video compilation that shows some of the greatest putouts from professional leagues:

What player is the highest number of putouts of a career in Major League baseball time?

Jake Beckley has the most putouts of a career in Major League Baseball history with 23,767 in 20 seasons that ended in 1907.

The most modern player at the top of the all-time put-outs to the top spot is Eddie Murray, who played 21 seasons with five teams both in the American and National League, and has 21,265 putouts. He is fourth all-time.

How do catchers get put out?

As per Baseball Reference, catchers are putouts when batters make the third strike bunted, strikeouts when there is no one at the first base, and less than two outs, to bat or when a hitter gets struck by their batter ball or refuses to move to the first base.

It’s a bit confusing it can be difficult to track the statistics for put-outs this is the reason a non-professional fan might be unable to comprehend all the different methods to obtain an out.

Which position is the one that gets the most putouts in Major League Baseball?

First basemen and catchers have the most putouts in baseball, due to the catcher taking the third strike during strikeouts, and the first baseman recording the third strike for catching throws made on ground balls that are thrown across the infield.

Which catcher has the most throw-outs?

Ivan Rodriguez leads catchers in all-time putouts with more than 14,864with Yadier Molina (14,512) ahead of him.

Here’s a breakdown of the greatest putouts ever made, that have PO credit at the position of the catcher:



Ivan Rodriguez


Yadier Molina


Jason Kendall


Brad Ausmus


AJ Pierzynski


Brian McCann


Gary Carter


Does PO only mean pitcher?

Yes, and in addition to “PO” being used to define “putouts,” PO is commonly used to describe pitchers alone.

In high school or youth baseball, it is not uncommon to have “pitchers only” since most players have multiple positions on the team. As you progress to the higher level of playing, you will find many “pitchers only” that are solely concentrated on pitching.

College coaches also have dedicated pitching coaches to the role of a pitcher and usually follow a specific practice program that differs from position players. I was in college hoping to be able to pitch and hit on the team, despite being selected as the pitcher. The coach let me play an opportunity to bat during an intrasquad competition before stating that he’d witnessed enough and sent me away as a “pitcher only.”

What is an Outfield Assist?

An outfield assist occurs the moment when an infield player throws a ball to the infield, and then the ball is recorded as an out. Some of the best players in all-time assists from the outfield possess the strongest arms of all time in baseball. the arm must be strong enough to help major league players out before they access the bag.

Here’s a list of the players who have the most all-time assists coming from the outfield:


Outfield Assists

Tris Speaker


Ty Cobb


Jimmy Ryan


Tom Brown


George Van Haltren


Harry Hooper



Putouts are part of the history of baseball that doesn’t get the attention they deserve as frequently used terms in baseball do. Putouts down are a sure sign of an advanced level of ability however, you require someone reliable in the two most likely places for putouts: pitchers and first basemen.

They are often not noticed yet they are vital to the play. It is important to ensure you have players who are sure of their hands in both the First Baseman and Catcher positions and who have excellent hand-eye coordination. This will help you rack up the putouts when playing baseball!