What is a No Hitter in Baseball?

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2023)

A no-hitter in baseball an event in which the team that is not on the field due to hitting the ball. No-hitters are extremely rare. They have only occurred during Major League Baseball from 1876 to the present. This article will provide answers to some of the questions you may have regarding no-hitters.


  • A no-hitter in baseball an event in which the opposing team is hit because of hitting the ball.
  • It’s different from a shutout in that one pitcher is the winner without other team scoring any runs.
  • A perfect game is considered as a no-hitter however, batters still have the ability to get first base through mistakes or walks however it will be considered a no-hitter.
  • Nolan Ryan holds the record for the most consecutive no-hitters, with seven. He’s then Sandy Koufax with four.
  • Additional innings were added to MLB games in the year 1991; If a player is placed on second base after 10 innings, it’s not an absolute or regular no-hitter because the runner has already reached first base by hits (walk/error).

Which is the best no-hitter?

MLB rules stipulate that the term “no-hitter” refers to a game where the pitchers are not allowed to let a player reach an extra base due to a hit. Bases can be taken through walks or mistakes as well as score and still be not a no-hitter. While no-hitters tend to be due to the work from pitchers do require an entire team effort to finish.

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What is a no-hitter that’s differs from an shutout?

In baseball shutouts, shutout is the case when a single pitcher is able to win an entire game without scoring even a single run. In the event of a shutout, players could still score a base hit hitting but aren’t able to score.

A full game shutout can only be attained by one pitcher. If a team is forced to substitute one pitcher, and the opposing team does not score, it’s still considered shutout.

Shutouts are much more frequent than no-hitters. The MLB keeps track of its total number of shutouts each season. There is a possibility for game to end extra inning to be considered a shutout but it’s not often.

What is the difference between a no-hitter from an ideal game?

The definition of a flawless game is a no-hitter when a pitcher ends the game with no other team reaching first base. This is distinct from a no-hitter since batters are still able to reach first base after an error or an error however, the game can be considered to be as a no-hitter.

The 23 games that have been perfect in the history of MLB are also included in the official list of no-hitters. A team of two or more players could be able to play an absolute game, however this is not yet happening during the past history of Major League Baseball.

Prior to 2020, it was feasible for an ideal game to be extended by innings, but it hasn’t happened. New MLB extra-inning rule puts a player at second base during the 10th innings. If this happens, the player has reached a base and it’s no longer an ideal game.

Most no-hitters in the history of baseball

In the history of baseball There were many outstanding pitchers who have achieved this feat many times. Nolan Ryan leads the way with seven no-hitters. He is being followed by Sandy Koufax with four. Here’s some of the 20 best pitchers who throw no-hitters.

1Nolan Ryan7
2Sandy Koufax4
3Cy Young3
4Justin Verlander3
5Bob Feller3
6Larry Corcoran3
7Warren Spahn2
8Frank Smith2
9Adonis Terry2
10Sam Jones2
11Cole Hamels2
12Roy Halladay2
13Jim Maloney2
14Randy Johnson2
15Homer Bailey2
16Pud Galvin2
17Don Wilson2
18Virgil Trucks2
19Carl Erskine2
20Vida Blue2

Here’s a fantastic video clip from Nolan Ryan completing his seventh no-hitter from the year 1991.

What happens when you play extra innings?

A no-hitter is likely finish with extra innings provided that no hits are recorded. Before 1991, a non-hitter could only last nine innings. The year 1991 was the first time the Committee for Statistical Accuracy modified this rule and required that a complete game be concluded without hitting. This rule change was able to remove 50 no-hitters from Baseball’s officially-approved list.

What is a no-hitter that is combined?

A no-hitter that is combined occurs the case when a team has no-hitters with at least one pitching. Of the 331 official no-hitters there are only 58 that were combined. No-hitters only require that no player be on an outfield as a result of hitting. This can happen even the players reach base due to an error, a walk or pitching substitutions.

How do you define double-no-hitter?

A double no-hitter in baseball occurs the case when both teams are able to achieve the status of a no-hitter. This has not happened before throughout the entire history of Major League Baseball. The 1917 game is the most famous to a double no-hitter in the history of baseball.

On May 2 1917, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds were both throwing no-hitters at the 9th inning’s end. In the tenth the Reds struck and took the win and ended the no-hitter for the Cubs. Fred Toney of the Reds is the 85th no-hitter in baseball history. In the wake of the rule changes in 1991 that year, the Cubs don’t have a no-hitter in the game.


What’s the least and highest number of pitches that are thrown during the case of a no-hitter?

Records for amount of pitches that are thrown during no-hitters are not known. The MLB began recording pitch counts as a stats in 1999, but only began recording the data in 1988. This is why it’s difficult to locate precise data on pitches prior to this year’s season, but for a lot of games, this data is accessible.

The most likely candidate for the most pitches thrown in a no-hitter Addie Joss’s flawless game . In 1908, he only threw seventy-four pitches in his team the Cleveland Naps to win one to zero against the Chicago White Sox. The most impressively of the time, this honor will go to Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson for his no-hitter of 149 pitches in the year 2010. The Diamondbacks beat the Tampa Bay Rays one to one in the game against Tampa Bay Rays.

What are the top pitchers in a no-hitter?

The average number of pitchers as a no-hitter in professional sports is. It happened twice, both in 2003 and 2012. In 2003 six pitchers from the Houston Astros pitched a no-hitter against the New York Yankees. They took eight-to-zero. They also won six Seattle Mariners pitchers also pitched a no-hitter against Los Angeles Dodgers. The Mariners triumphed in the 2012 game by a score of one to zero.

What exactly is”a no-hitter” if they do not struck the ball?

The phrase “no-hitter” may be confusing due to the fact that during a no-hitter, the opposing team will continue to strike the ball. The term “base hit” in baseball is when a ball is hit by a player the ball and then reaches an unoccupied base. One can think of the term “no-hitter” as a game where no player gets the ability to hit a base. Batters still have the option to fly out or ground out, but they can’t receive an RBI.

Does a no-hitter in baseball is good?

The no-hitter of baseball can be generally good, or not dependent on the team that is able to achieve it. Since a no-hitter is rare, it tends to get the attention of sports journalists every time it occurs. Every pitcher wants to have an unbeatable performance every time they get on the mound but a no-hitter could be the ideal alternative. If you’re a player who’s had an unbeaten no-hitter this is a disappointing and rare event.

Is there a most well-known no-hitter in MLB history?

The most well-known no-hitter in MLB history is an issue of the opinion of. For some, it could be the first time a no-hitter was thrown by player George Bradley of the St. Louis Brown Stockings. George Bradley threw the first no-hitter in 1876, winning over the Hartford Dark Blues. It’s up for the interpretation of history if this game was the first no-hitter.

Some may opt for to play a no-hitter, which is an excellent game. I can remember a famous no-hitter clearly that was played by Clayton Kershaw of the LA Dodgers. He hit 15 out of my Colorado Rockies without a walk or hit, nearly achieving an all-time record in 2014.

The most thrilling moment of baseball

No-hitters are the aim each baseball player. They are extremely rare and happen when the defense is performing at its highest. When you next watch an MLB game, you should keep an eye out for a no-hitter, as watching it live is among the most thrilling moments in baseball.