Why and How to Lock Your Mac Keyboard?

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2023)

The elegant, shiny, and smooth appearance of Mac computers attracts the attention of everyone. This includes people of all ages, children as well as pets. However, allowing anyone to access your Mac device can be dangerous.

You can prevent interruptions to your Mac screen in a variety of ways. How do you lock your Mac keyboards to avoid any unwelcome modifications – whether they are modifications to essential documents, or while you’re playing a game or working? This guide will assist you to figure out the best way to lock the Mac keyboard, regardless of the reason.

Why Lock Your Mac Keyboard?

There are many reasons why you could want to secure the keys on your Mac keyboard, including being a pet owner or having small children playing around. If you secure your Mac keyboard, you will be able to avoid any unwelcome modifications.

Another reason to cleanse your keyboard. Keyboards can pick up dirt, grease, grime, and dirt. The constant contact you make with your hands can cause them to become dirty and unhealthy. It isn’t necessary to shut off the Mac completely to cleanse its keyboard. You can shut down the keyboard and disable the keys.

Another reason is to stop keyboard input when watching a film.

What Is a Keyboard Lock?

Mac devices include the Keyboard Lock feature to temporarily shut off keyboard input. This feature is helpful for those who don’t want their work interrupted because of accidental keystrokes. It is possible to purchase an electronic or wireless keyboard with a keyboard lock feature. However, this feature comes with problems and may not function properly.

Additionally, certain MacBook keyboard layouts don’t have an exclusive lock key. For sharing your Mac keyboard with MacBook or another Apple device you can utilize the Universal Control function. To temporarily turn off the keyboard, purchase either a wired or wireless device.

Use the Lock Screen Option

The easiest method to lock your MacBook keyboard would be to lock it manually. This method works for all Mac devices. Place the cursor in the top left corner of the screen and then tap the Apple icon. Then, click Lock Screen from the appearing menu.

You’ll notice the Mac screen has been locked. Enter the Mac password or the Touch ID to sign back into your account. This method will allow you to safeguard your device from unwanted changes to the field of text or purchase. The trick won’t lock the keyboard entirely.

Use the Keyboard Shortcut

If you’re looking to learn how to secure the Mac keyboard to completely make use of this keyboard shortcut. It can assist you to lock the keyboard, as well as your Mac screen. Press on the keys Control, Command, and Q to enable locking.

If you hit the keyboard key or combo, you’ll go to a lock screen. There, you’ll need to enter your system password or enter the Touch ID to log in again. It effectively locks the keyboard and screen for the MacBook.

Ways to Lock a Mac Keyboard

Another way to secure your MacBook keyboard is to use one or two alternatives. First, you must simply shut the lid. You can now use the key combination of Control, and Shift Power keys to secure your MacBook.

Use the Command Options, Command, and Power keys to set your device into sleep mode. Navigate to the Apple menu and choose the sleep option. You can also shut the lid to put the MacBook to sleep. Enter the combination keyboard that includes Control, Shift, and Power to secure your MacBook.

Why Disable Keys for Keyboard Cleaning?

The traditional way to clean your keyboard is an easy process of shutting down the device. Users can shut off the MacBook by pressing Apple and then pressing the Shutdown button. It is necessary to clean the keyboard, but not turn off their MacBook.

But for the latest MacBook, this technique is no longer necessary. It is because every keystroke on the most recent Mac computers can trigger the device to begin booting. It’s no longer possible to lift the lid without opening the system.

Is It Good to Use Third-Party Apps?

There are a variety of apps worthwhile to download to control and control the Mac keyboard as well as the system. These programs secure the keyboards of Mac laptops and allow the display to run.

This is useful for those who want to view videos without a Mac keyboard. These applications may cease to function when your Mac system changes. Therefore, you might not be capable of locking your keyboard. The methods above will lock the keyboard, as well as the whole system.

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